It is the policy of the organisation to provide a range of products and services which meet the requirements of its customers.  All work is carried out in a cost effective and timely manner, ensuring that products and services are supplied to the highest quality, and in accordance with the highest professional standards aiming for continual improvement and customer satisfaction through the involvement and participation of all levels of Employees and other interest parties.

A policy for quality conforming to the requirements of ISO 9001:2008 has been established to ensure that our quality policy and quality objectives:

  • Are appropriate to the purposes of the organisation, the expected levels of customer satisfaction and the needs of other interest parties
  • Includes a commitments to meeting requirements and to continual improvement
  • Ensuring the resources needed and the contribution of suppliers and partners
  • Demonstrates commitment of the Managing Director, Management and all Employees.
  • The quality policy and quality objectives are communicated, understood and implemented at all levels of the organisation
  • a framework for establishing and reviewing the quality policy and quality objectives which are regularly reviewed at the management review meeting for suitability and effectiveness addressing continual improvement and customer satisfaction.

Our attitudes, organisation and systems are formed and developed to ensure quality levels are achieved and maintained, with the main objective being to supply products to customers specifications, first time, on time and every time.

In practice, all Employees are aware that teamwork in each area of the business is vital for ensuring that a high standard of quality is maintained.  They are responsible for their contribution and effective integration into working routines.

Implementation of this policy is delegated to the Quality Manager who has overall responsibility for the quality management system and will represent the organisation on all matters relating to quality.  He has the authority, organisational freedom and responsibility to monitor the effectiveness of this system through regular audit and review.

It is the responsibility of all employees to understand the quality policy and quality objectives of the organisation and conform to these practices to enable the organisation to achieve customer satisfaction and continual improvement.

This policy is approved, signed and dated by the undersigned and is supported by all employees within the organisation, who shall be guided by the contents of the quality management system and no deviation shall be permitted.

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